My Journey into Yoga

The first time I walked into the tiny fifth floor apartment overlooking Zamalek, Cairo, Egypt I knew something special was going to happen. It was a flutter of excitement. After the first class I was hooked. Class by class I learned one pose at a time building on a practice that I would come to know as home. One year later I had a practice of Mysore-style Ashtanga and it was the most special gift anyone had ever given me. I didn’t know it yet but yoga was going to take me all over the world.

Three years later, several teacher trainings and workshops later, I would open a small studio in Maadi, Cairo, Egypt called Breathing Room Cairo. The time I spent in that room with others was when I felt truly alive, time evaporated and I was completely engaged in the moment. Two years later when I would leave Cairo for Abu Dhabi I left the studio behind to one of my students. It has grown and moved spaces but The Breathing Room lives on. Check it out here.

It didn’t stop there. Shortly after I arrived in Abu Dhabi I also opened a small studio in my home that grew very intensely in a short period of time. I already had a full time job and kids to care for. I’m sure I was out of my tree. More recently, I was at a Tedx event in Abu Dhabi where a woman talked on the Power of Distraction. In conclusion she warned us to pay attention to the things that distract us that they may just be our heart’s calling. I think she is right. Yoga has been successfully distracting me for a decade. It is my passion and my love. My practice grounds and centers me, brings clarity and awareness to my every day and in general, makes me a better person. Teaching is the best way to continue to learn. It is also the greatest way of honoring the gift. I am a teacher at heart so to teach what I love is just amazing. So that is where I go on my journey.

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I am a mother, yoga teacher, crusader for health, adventurer and renegade philanthropist. Join me and find yourself on the most amazing adventures in the most spectacular places on Earth.

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