My jouney has been one with the body.  But as I go I realize it is not the body that I journey with but the body that I journey through.  A great teacher of mine always says, “You must go out to go in.”  I partner that with Rainer Maria Rilke’s quote “The only journey is the journey within.”

I have always loved to move.  From my earliest years I was fascinated with the ability of my body to run, jump, climb, tumble, balance, hang, swing and throw (to name a few).  Most of the time movement combined with the experience of the outdoors energized me.  The smells, sights and sounds of an adventure around the next corner kept me engaged moment to moment, with my environment.  In those moments I was extremely alive, connected and happy.  And like a drug it made me want more.

So that’s just what I did.  I went out and got so much more.  I lived a lot of my childhood outdoors.  The seventy-year-old poplar trees that rose like towers surrounding my yard were my playground.  Then came sport and I couldn’t get enough.  Playing, coaching and training became a year round passion.  Eventually, I was recruited to play at a university and it was natural that I pursue a degree in physical education.  I became a passionate teacher helping young minds understand how to move their bodies with skill, coordination and precision and just as importantly, focusing on how sport and physical activity helps us relate to ourselves, our peers, our community and our world.  And during that time I never stopped wanting to learn more.  (See bottom.)

But somewhere along the way I forgot about why it was I loved to move and play and I forgot how much fun it was to seek adventure.  The reason for moving my body became one of necessity.  And I asked all that it could give.  I believed I could push through a lot of the physical pain and injury that came with training and competing.  I believed I really could do anything, not always because I really wanted to but because I needed to know that I could.  My body endured and I acquired a long list of injuries and tendencies that would express themselves whenever they felt the need.

At some stage there was a tipping point.  My body had always done what I had asked of it and now it was rebelling against me.  Training led quickly to fatigue, illness and injury.

Luckily, around that time, I walked into a yoga studio with a friend.  At first the attraction was to the physical freedom I felt in my body after practicing.  Fairly quickly I came to realize it wasn’t purely the physical that I felt drawn to.  For a brief time in my day the world slowed down enough for me to see it from a new and different perspective.

It was in those brief moments, “the possibility of something else,” that led me to the answers I was seeking even though I didn’t know it yet.  And that is where it began.  Something very definitive happened.  I would like to say that it happened slowly but that’s not how I remember it.  It was a shift, a spark, a connection and it changed the course of my life.

Now I won’t go through the long drawn out version but I can tell you from that spark and a few moments of viewing the world upside down I was sent on a long journey from which I began listening to my inner knowing, finding my energy, healing, taking care of myself, being in alignment with my true calling, believing in the possibilities, loving more and moving in new and wonderful directions with life.

It’s been a long time since I felt that first spark on the mat and I’ve endeavored a whole new life since then. That spark sent me on a long quest for myself.  And I arrived somewhere back where it all began.

I rediscovered why it is I love to move so much.  And how important it is for me to seek out adventure every day.  I remember why it is I love to be in nature and how it feels to have the wind blow through my hair.   I feel empowered to live my purpose and share my joy for living with the world.  My body is where I live and I aim to make it healthy, strong, alive and free.

And so now I seek out the most fantastic outward experiences to create the most amazing inward ones. And I seek out the extraordinary in the simplest of days.

And so it may not be movement or yoga or the outdoors that reconnects you to your true self.  But I endeavor to say that you do know what it is.  Do it more.  Do it often.  You must go out to go in and the only journey is the journey within.   Find it.  It’s where all your answers lie.

I’ve created this website along with my blog about the things I am truly inspired to continue pursuing, living and sharing.  I wish for you all the joy, freedom, connected bliss you want for yourself.

Love and Light.

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I am a mother, yoga teacher, crusader for health, adventurer and renegade philanthropist. Join me and find yourself on the most amazing adventures in the most spectacular places on Earth.

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